EDEA Undersole Noene Antishock

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EDEA Anti-Shock Skate Undersole – Less pain more gain

EDEA anti-shock undersole by Noene is specifically designed to improve skating by reducing impact shock and so improve performance.

Noene is scientifically proven to reduce shock and impact by redirecting and dispersing the energy. Our 1 mm layer provides optimal performance benefit and maximum comfort while being lightweight and ventilated.

EDEA  anti-shock undersole by Noene

  • reduces fatigue
  • reduces impact shock
  • reduces injury risk

Skating is instantly sending shockwaves throughout your body. Impact and vibration cause wear and tear injuries including tendinitis, osteitis and micro fractures to name but three. Vibrations can cause muscles to work against their natural dynamic movement.

Intensive training can therefore mean pain throughout your body, especially in the joints, the legs and the back.

EDEA anti-shock undersole by Noene changes the game. Specifically engineered using a vibro-absorbent material from Switzerland, this undersole absorbs and disperses 92% of these harmful shockwaves.

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