QSKATE Narval skate

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The Narval combines technical complexity with a simple and elegant appearance. Available in sizes from 100 to 180. It is made of a special aluminum alloy to offer maximum lightness. It has internal ribs that provide greater rigidity and resistance to possible deformations. The Narval skate has a left and right foot and a curved base, which allows full contact with the sole of the boot for precise mounting. 

It does not have any rivets, which extends its useful life, omitting the wear that arises when these are used. The wheels are adjusted using a 4mm allen key, the brake with a 5mm one. The central wheel is placed lower than the front and rear, thus offering a rockering that is similar to the curvature of the blades most used in figure skating. Its brake is 25º inclined to imitate the angle of the toe pick of the blades.

This gives the skater excellent control over their support when performing jumps and spins. Its ergonomic shape allows a comfortable grip of the foot when performing figures such as the biellman and prevents the skater from injuring his hand. In skating, technique is as important as art, which is why the Narval skate, in addition to offering all the features mentioned, is available in two finishes that make it stand out from the rest: graphite and gold.

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Talla Patines

100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, 200, 210, 90

Color Patín Linea QS

Antracita, Champagne




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