Salva Cuchillas Peluche Edea

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Salva Cuchillas Peluche Edea



After skating, unlace your boots properly, wipe the blades down and put on soft blade guards. Our oversized maxi blade buddies add a smile to your skate care.

Thicker inner padding for absorption and keep the blades dry, preventing rust.

In soft velvet exterior with embroidered Edea logo, are all fully washable.

Extra padding for more protection.

Reinforced base to protect it from the sharpen blade.


Suitable for all blades up to 10 ¾ inches.

Additional information

Modelo Blade Cover

Butterfly, Cat, Cocker, Cow, Dragon, Fish, Frog, Ladybug, Mermaid, Monkey, Mouse, Panda, Papillon, Penguin, Rabbit, Seadog, Tiger, Unicorn, Whale, Zebra


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